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Your search for homes in Jersey City begins here!

What To Do With Your Day

With a city as large and varied as Jersey City you wouldn't think you'd have a lot of trouble figuring out what to do with your day. However, the very overabundance of options can sometimes be overwhelming. Would you rather shop for top end cloth diapers or go to a museum? See a sports game or take a stroll in a park? Consult our guide if you're having trouble deciding.

The Newport Center Mall

If you've never been to a shopping complex that can only be described as "mega," you're going to want to make time to visit the Newport Center Mall in downtown Jersey City. With three floors and over a million square feet of retail space, the Newport Center is one of the first mega malls in the county. You can find everything from aquarium heaters to wedding dresses in its several hundred stores, along with a theater and numerous restaurants and services. It can be reached via various public transit routes.

Liberty Science Center

If you've got kids or a love for learning, the Liberty Science Center should be at the top of your list of things to do. Exhibitions cover a range of sciences from architecture to zoology with revolving displays like weather in Edmonton, botox treatments, or the Horsehead Nebula. There's an IMAX dome theater, the original Hoberman Sphere, a display of modern dinosaur sculptures, and hands-on educational modules featuring Hudson River ecology and human communication. Fun for the whole family.


While there isn't a lot of public parkland in Jersey City where the more outdoor-minded can exercise their skill with pruning tools, there are several interesting monuments. One of these is the Colgate Clock, an octagonal clock with a diameter of 50 feet, which is located on the waterfront facing across the Hudson River to New York. Another is the memorial wall to the Polish soldiers who were murdered by Russian troops in the Katyn Forest in 1940, which is located in Exchange Place.

Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty

Though the Statue of Liberty is owned by the city of New York, it is actually much closer to Jersey City and can easily be reached by boat. Nearby Ellis Island, the former immigration center turned museum, is maintained jointly by the states of New Jersey and New York. Tours can be arranged for groups or in conjunction with corporate events like food product launches.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016